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Genomics services


We perform multiple nucleic acid extraction services, including high molecular weight genomic DNA and high-quality RNA from cells, tissues, whole blood, and plants.


Inquire for sample-specific protocols and associated fees

Size selection

Automated gel electrophoresis can isolate size-selected nucleic acids without UV-related damage or use of intercalating dyes. We operate the Blue Pippin, Pippin HT, and HLS2 systems from Sage Science, which provides parameters for isolating DNA or sequencing library fragments from 400 bp to 400 kb.


Inquire for sample submission and associated fees.

Quality Control

We levarage a suite of tools to assess contamination (nanodrop), integrity and size (BioAnalyzer 2100, Fragment Analyzer 5200), and mass (Qubit fluorometer) of nucleic acid samples and sequencing libraries.


Inquire for sample submission procedures and associated fees.

Custom Assay Design

The STC team has a long, successful track record of custom assay design targeting genes and gene panels of interest from both DNA and RNA.


Targeted genomics/transcriptomics assays can be extremely powerful to lower costs and increase throughput for large, population-based studies.


Please reach out to set up a project consultation if interested.

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